Monday, July 20, 2015

Book Review: Facing Justice by Diane & David Munson

Facing Justice (Justice Series #1)Facing Justice by Diane Munson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The use of authentic professional law enforcement and legal experience creates a realistic fiction in "Facing Justice" by wife-husband authors Diane & David Munson.  With the tagline of international terrorism comes to church, a significant Christian imprint appears throughout the book in numerous character's story arcs.

The plot centers around the capture of a Bin-Ladin like terrorist leader through the use of informants starting in a raid related to money laundering, the use of real life investigative techniques both domestic and foreign help the book throughout.  The major secondary plot revolves around a young anti-terrorism agent bending the rules in the pursuit of supposed terrorist contributor, who happens to be the husband of a member of the main character's church.  The point-of-view switches through numerous characters allowing the story to be seen from different angles giving the reader a clearer picture of the entire course of events.

While the overall story and the significant subplots are very good and keep the reader engaged, the introduction of new point-of-view characters just when they're needed in the book seemed a bit too much when earlier point-of-views from the characters would have added some development and making their later importance to the plot more welcome.  The book has Christianity prominent throughout numerous character's lives in some form or fashion, while this is not a negative in and of itself, the sheer amount and heavy-handed nature of it even made a Christian like myself think enough.

After finishing "Facing Justice", I thought it was a good first outing by the authors and made me curious to see what would happen the second book of the series both in plot and quality.

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