Saturday, April 12, 2014

Review: A Midsummer's Night Dream by William Shakespeare

A Midsummer's Night Dream by William Shakespeare
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This has always been my favorite Shakespeare comedy for a whole host of reasons. It begins with mischievous fairies, magically mixed up lovers, and finally bumbling amateur actors. What is even better is that all three interconnect with one another throughout the play. The fact that even thinking critically I can't find anything "wrong" is either because of my intense delight in this play or that one can't really find anything critical to say about it unless you see a performance that doesn't live up to the words.

P.S.- To any graduate of Covenant College, around Chattanooga TN, who was a part of the troupe that performed A Midsummer's Night Dream between Fall 2000 and Spring 2002. Thank you! Because of your performance I fell in love with this play!

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